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Porzellanfiguren Gräfenthal

In 1846 was the first foundation for a porecelain manufacturer in the little, thuringia town Gräfenthal. Since this time until today belongs the basic idea „ from the development of shapes to the decoration is the handcraft from specialist of there work , very urgent”.

Still many investigations the factory is and will be a manufacture.

We have a fundus of about 10.000 shapes. For example historical figures, animals, angel or worker.

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Please contact our friendly team Phone: +49(0)36701/2010. We advice you or send some infomation to you..

thumb 9638 neu
kids and fairy-tale figurines
thumb ALTER FRITZ 800
kids and fairy-tale figurines
thumb Pferd auf Postament
thumb G13216
Portrait of people
thumb Reichenbach 11 13 5
animals in forest and wilderness
thumb G10275 G8526
thumb G12143
domestic animals
thumb 12571 12573
collection of gift items
thumb G12639
Country scenes
thumb G9162 G9160
easter collection
thumb SPRING 2012
ducks, geese, chickens
thumb G12920 31 G300
christmas collection