Metz und Kindler

Avantgarde pur: Para-mi von Metz und Kindler

New recipes, new consistencies, new states: The avant-garde cuisine is a trendsetter when it comes to gastronomy. If you are tackling professionally with the quality of products and meals, you also don´t want to compromise aesthetically. Experimental cooking requires innovative porcelain. The design-duo from Darmstadt, Metz und Kindler, developed a set for Reichenbach, which fully meets the highest requirements with its futuristic shapes.

The renowned designers confined their design to the colour white and just a few, multifunctional basic shapes: oval platters in different sizes for the arrangement of solid meals, and handle-less spherical cups for everything that is liquid, like soups, sauces or espresso. Small embellishments such as bowls and spoons round off the concept.

A thought-out system for professionals, created with the grated restaurant Juan Amador!