Welcome to Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach

Old trade art meets modern design

Our firm history starts in the year 1830 when the tradesmen from Reichenbach in the workshops decorated the white porcelain pieces with hand-painted objects. In the year 1900 nine local porcelain painters joined together, founded a porcelain factory and laid the foundations for the factory on the current site. It´s situated favorably at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz, the junction of the motorways Munich- Berlin (A9) and Frankfurt- Dresden (A4).Traditionally the high amount of qualified handiwork characterizes our way of production till today. Our concept follows the motto “Old trade art meets modern design”. As a small company we rely on exclusivity.

Household, -hotel- and decorative porcelain leaves our company- depending on the customer’s wishes-in numbers of pieces or as an odd piece. The skills of our experienced workers and the human eye are a guarantee for the quality of our products.

They also present the flexibility to make new developments producible at short notice. Many young designers appreciate that and we let them have our factory for their experiments with pleasure. Our product development profits from that. Without neglecting well-established things we adapt ourselves to the innovative development of the branch and follow consequently the way to design- orientated products made of fine china.

Our products

consist of high-quality raw materials. Used with modern production technique and well trained and experienced employees, the carefully selected material is the basis of our quality products. The range has gained diversity since the foundation of the firm and adapts itself to the latest trends. It comprises china, gift articles and living accessories. High demand and innovation, by keeping the tradition, characterize the philosophy of our firm. The set table is still in future as in past the centre of attention. The offer reaches from the four-piece porcelain service with a classic embossing to the well thought-out odd piece that sets the tone for the modern table scene. The name Reichenbach is closely combined with the Thuringia porcelain painting since 1830. Artistic hand painting and the trade with these products coined the first years of the Reichenbach porcelain tradition.