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Avantgarde pur: Para-mi by Metz and Kindler

New recipes, new consistencies, new states of aggregation: Avangard cuisine sets trends in gastronomy. Anyone who deals intensively with the quality of products and dishes on a professional level does not want to compromise on aesthetics either. Experimental cooking therefore requires innovative porcelain. The Darmstadt-based design studio Metz und Kindler has developed a service for Reichenbach that meets the highest standards of design and function with futuristic tableware shapes. The renowned designers have limited themselves to the color white and a few basic shapes that can be used universally: oval plates in various sizes for serving solid dishes and handleless, spherical cups for everything liquid such as soups, sauces or espresso. Small side bowls - spoons - round off the concept. A well thought-out system for the professional sector developed with star restaurant Juan Amador!

Berge – Porzellan erleben

Fascination mountains. Created from the forces of nature. Earth plate against earth plate creates valleys and mountains.
Since time immemorial, people have been magically drawn to conquer them. This fascination with mountains prompted designers Guido Metz and Michael Kindler to combine the most striking mountain ranges with gastronomy tableware.
Together with the porcelain manufactory Reichenbach, the mountain plates were created. Germany's highest peak - the Zugspitze - represents the beginning of an admirable series. The mountain plate "Zugspitze" combines top gastronomy with its authentic surroundings. Can be used as a gourmet plate, as a fruit bowl
or also as a wall plate, which makes the three-dimensionality of the mountains appear in a completely different light. Marked by a golden cap and its coordinates, the mountain plate as a voucher can symbolize the next crossing of the Alps or the next summer or winter vacation. Old craftsmanship meets modern design. Following tradition, Reichenbach stands for 100{2ca9fe13497128eb3fc180d4fd31e41657893fbbb97103724661176c69ee1ca8} quality and unique craftsmanship. Hotels, restaurants, inns, cafes or huts can have their individual location including their own coordinates created and marked.

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Hersteller: REICHENBACH 2019

Series "Mountains" (design: metz and kindler) is awarded the Prize of German Manufactures e.V. for "Manufacture Product of the Year 2019 - Design".

Metz und Kindler Berge