The largest porcelain vase in the world

die größte Porzellanvase der Welt
Zusammenstellung der größten Porzellanvase

A superlative eye-catcher: Largest vase in the world for the "Porzellanwelten Leuchtenburg" Reichenbach.

That's a record! With a height of around eight meters, the largest vase in the world is currently being created for the "Porzellanwelten Leuchtenburg", which opened at the beginning of April. So far, all attempts to produce porcelain in this monumental scale failed. The artist Alim Pasht-Han has now succeeded in this together with the porcelain manufactory Reichenbach. In developing the design, he was guided by the principle of the horsetail.

The unique, self-supporting construction consists of around 300 honeycombs cast from porcelain, which are additionally secured inside. Ten employees of Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach are currently working on the production of the individual honeycombs, which will then be hand-painted by the artist in cobalt blue and decorated with gold. "Thuringia was and is an important location for porcelain. We are delighted that the largest vase in the world is now being created here and that we can implement it in our company," says Rigo Geithe, Managing Director of Porzellanmanufaktur Reichenbach.

In the fall, after about one and a half years of planning and production, the vase will be on display in the new building of the "Porzellanwelten Leuchtenburg". Just like the smallest coffee pot in the world, which, with a size of just two millimeters, is on the list of candidates for the Guinness Book of Records. "The 'Porzellanwelten Leuchtenburg' are treading new and unconventional paths with the combination of exhibits and exhibition design. The vase and the service are two important building blocks here," says Sven-Erik Hitzer Board of Directors of the Leuchtenburg Foundation and idea provider. Starting from at the beginning of June still another highlight expects the visitors on the castle: the footbridge of the desires. Hovering over the landscape the visitor can let the porcelain shatter on the castle mountain on which he has written his wishes before. As is well known, broken pieces bring good luck.