Paola Navone

Reichenbach has been breaking completely new ground since 2003 through its collaboration with the internationally renowned Italian designer Paola Navone.
Under the label “PAOLA NAVONE PER REICHENBACH” The colorful "FLOWER COLLECTION" and "NEW BAROQUE - SILVER SHINY" dinnerware, reminiscent of Art Deco splash décor, have been published to date. This service focuses on the lively contrast between the velvety, rough, unglazed body and a rich, hand-applied platinum color.

Poetic charm: "Taste!" by Paola Navone
As with her previous Reichenbach designs, Paola Navone has also taken a close look at the Thuringian manufacturer's historical wealth of forms for the new porcelain "Taste! Typical design features are broad, graphic-abstract contoured plate flags, which quote neo-baroque models from the Reichenbach collection and interpret them in a contemporary way.
New are the cups and saucers for espresso, tea and coffee.
A valuable pearl rim relief forms the only decoration on the saucers. The cups get their "extra" by handles that reach into the cup interior and are thus another highlight and perfect complement to the abstract shapes of the plates.