porzellan 100{2ca9fe13497128eb3fc180d4fd31e41657893fbbb97103724661176c69ee1ca8} made in germany

The porcelain manufactory Reichenbach from Thuringia manufactures since 1900 under the well-known trademark a very fine and transparent Porzellan.
Excellent this range is complemented by the artfully hand-shaped and decorated porcelain figures of the traditionnellen figure manufacturer Porzellanfiguren Gräfenthal.

Reichenbach ist das Zuhause von hochwertigen und exklusiven Kollektionen, die Made in Germany entstehen. Das Recht, dieses spezielle Qualitätssiegel zu verwenden, lässt uns zwischen allen deutschen Porzellanherstellern hervorstechen. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unseren zeitlosen Manufakturprodukten, die in unserem Haus sowie in Zusammenarbeit mit international renommierten Designern wie Gerd Sommerlade, Paola Navone, Metz und Kindler oder blohmgumm entstanden sind. Reichenbach für Hotel oder Restaurant: elegantes und stylisches Porzellan für den Gastro Bereich – lassen Sie uns das passende Geschirr für Ihr Konzept kreieren – alle Produkte sind auch in kleinen Stückzahlen erhältlich.
Reichenbach für Ihr Zuhause: ungewöhnliche Geschenke, Wohnaccessoires, feines Porzellan für Ihren Alltag und jeden besonderen Anlass … und mehr.
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design im fokus

"Porcelain as individual as you, your guests and your food."

Do you also love to sit together with your family and guests at a tastefully set table and enjoy a great meal?
Discover with us the matching tableware! Whether simple, elegant, colorful or playful.
We offer you the right foundation with our tableware.

Privately, we have been on the same paths since our school days, and professionally we have been looking in the same direction since 2002...

From then on, we were introduced to the processes and peculiarities of the manufactory work, and the passion for this unique material immediately became second nature to us. We brought valuable knowledge from our learned technical and accounting professions, but it is only over the years that one grows into the large footprints left by the previous owners since 1900 through their craftsmanship.

In 2005 we finally took over the manufactory as managing partner and authorized signatory. Since then, a lot has happened: the cooperation with designers brought our products to the pulse of time, and at the same time we always tried to let our tradition live on in every form, in every design. With us, customer wishes are still listened to, and this is what our manufacturing work thrives on. This is where we differ from other manufacturers, who usually cannot offer customers this individuality. We do everything we can to give shape to these ideas - and we are very proud of this.

Rigo und Annett Geithe

We try to run the business and our employees in as appreciative and familiar a manner as possible. If you asked our employees, you would probably hear that we are on the road ourselves and constantly everywhere in the company. And indeed, a lot of time, especially free time and family time is spent in our company, which is not always easy. The fact that the diligence and down-to-earthness of our manufactory are crowned by international success fills us all the more with pride. With this attitude, we want to continue the tradition of the "white gold" together with the Reichenbach employees in the future."

Rigo & Annett Geithe