Old craftsmanship meets modern design

The name of Reichenbach has been closely associated with Thuringian porcelain painting since 1830. Artistic hand painting of the white porcelain body and trade in these products characterized the first years of the Reichenbach porcelain tradition.

In 1900, nine local porcelain painters got together and founded a porcelain factory, thus laying the foundation for the plant at its current location. It is strategically located directly at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz intersection, the junction of the Munich-Berlin (A9) and Frankfurt-Dresden (A4) highways.
Following the tradition, the high proportion of qualified manual work characterizes our production method until the present. Our concept follows the motto "Old craftsmanship meets modern design".

Porzellanfabrik Reichenbach früher
Old factory building

Household, hotel and ornamental porcelain leaves our house in quantities of any size or even as a unique piece, depending on the customer's wishes.

Without neglecting the tried and tested, we are clearly oriented towards the innovative development of the industry and consistently follow the path to design-oriented products made of fine porcelain and offer the best possible service.

Our products are made of high quality raw materials, processed with modern manufacturing and firing technology.