KOIKOI Vase – Paola Navone per Reichenbach

The fish symbolizes freedom and sympathy. He represents happiness and prosperity in many parts of the world. He is an icon that belongs to the creative world of Paola Navone. This year 4 fabulous koi fish with golden reflections are made as sculpture vase. The special Reichenbach porcelain tradition is reflected here in the production of hand-painted porcelain. Each vase is unique, mixing ancient craft traditions with the magic of faraway places, a natural Mediterranean spirit and a touch of fun. Each year the vase will have a different style. Colors and decorations of the same year will not be available the next year. So you need to be quick and fish for a KOIKOI vase, just like a fish. Before it's too late!

KOIKOI Vase – Paola Navone Video
Koi Koi
Koi Farben

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